The Instructor will speak with each Client before each Training Session to ensure they are COVID-19 symptom-free.

The Instructor will update you as to whether they are able to proceed with the Training Session, that they are symptom-free and they have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms.

The Instructor will ask if the Client has been in contact with anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms.

The Instructor will be following government guidelines about people returning from abroad and the need to quarantine where advised. No face-to-face training will happen during the quarantine period.

The Instructor will also observe the quarantine rules and will contact Clients in advance about suspending face-to-face training in line with government advice.

In the case that either the Instructor or the Client does not feel well and has symptoms in line with COVID-19, then no face-to-face training will take place and no charge will be made by the Instructor.

Where possible, payments for Training Sessions need to be paid in advance by BACS. If this is not possible cash is acceptable at the beginning of the Training Session.

• Clients are asked to wash their hands before each Training Session.
• The School Vehicle will be cleaned before and after each Training Session. Hand sanitiser is also available within the School Vehicle should it be required during a Training Session.
• Face coverings will be worn by both the Instructor and Client. If the Client does not bring a face covering to their Training Session a single use face mask will be provided at a cost of £1.
• Windows will be open during each Training Session to assist with air circulation.

The Training Session will be stopped at any time the Instructor or Client:
• Feels unwell
• Develops a cough
• Has symptoms in line with COVID-19

Training sessions can recommence once the Instructor and/or Client:
• Feels well again
• Has sought medical advice
• Where appropriate, has completed quarantine in line with government guidelines
• Is showing no further symptoms of COVID-19, and members of their household are showing no symptoms for the period in line with medical advice

If a lesson needs to be stopped where either the Client or Instructor starts to display COVID-19 symptoms, the Instructor will charge a pro rata fee for the lesson. For example: If the lesson was stopped 20 minutes into a 60 minute lesson, the remaining time would be credited to the Client’s account.

If the Instructor has symptoms of COVID-19 they will alert NHS Test and Trace and follow the current procedure in their country for testing and isolating. Visit to find out more.

If the Client has symptoms of COVID-19 they will alert NHS Test and Trace and follow the current procedure in their country for testing and isolating. Visit to find out more.

There will be no charge for late cancellations due to the Client developing COVID-19 symptoms, or has to self-isolate after being contacted by NHS Test and Trace. Training Sessions will not recommence any earlier than 14 days after the Client begins isolating.

The Instructor reserves the right to charge for late cancellations in line with the School’s terms and conditions if and when it becomes apparent that the Client is continuing to cancel late over what is deemed acceptable, and within the usual accepted cancellation time frame as stated in the School’s full terms and conditions.